At Chai 3:16, our singular objective is to help you feel unique, worthy and blessed, because you are, you.We simply listen to everything that you have been unable to voice and spell out, and help bridge the chasm between your insecurities & despondency that through compassion and understanding.

If you are feeling directionless and suicide has started seeming like the easiest way out, drop in and visit us at Chai 316. Conversations with our volunteers will help reaffirm your belief in life. It will help you simply sift through your emotions and voice out your deepest concerns.  It helps you realize that whatever forsaken circumstance you are currently dealing with, is aligned with the plan that God has designed for you.


What does a conversation with a Chai volunteer give you?

Spending time with our volunteers is aimed at filling you with hope and confidence, the much-needed fuel to light up the darkest corners of your life as you see it, and reconnect with your strengthened self.

It helps you unconditionally with the power to love and be healed, a dose of encouragement to uplift you in testing times, comfort to secure you, the promise of future, the expectation of a better tomorrow, the joy that comes from sharing, the understanding that any problem is temporary, the acceptance of a situation just as it is and renewed faith in the Almighty.

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