Suicide – A Global Overview

While death is feared by most, there is a vast majority of people who lack value for life and this leads to people committing suicide. As per WHO’s finding’s these are the suicide statistics ;

In a year 800,000 deaths are caused due to suicide. In the USA, 44,625 people are lost to suicide every year. That amounts to 123 deaths a day.  Every 40 seconds a human life is lost due to suicide. And each year a quarter-million people get affixed with the label of being a ‘suicide survivor.’

The second leading cause, of death among the youth population is suicide. 7 in every 100,000 of them succumb to committing suicide. The suicidal tendency is 4 times higher in the youngsters belonging to the LGBT community. On a global scale, it is found that 79% of the suicides occur in low and middle-income countries.

People who believe that one cannot put a stop to suicide are mistaken. Suicidal planning or suicidal thoughts are most apparent in people belonging to the age-group between 18-29. And on an average of every 25 suicide attempts, there is one suicide. Near and dear ones, can prevent the act by identifying the warning signals and convincing the person otherwise

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